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Steph Gaudreau

Recipes, Nutrition, CrossFit

John Burch

CrossFit, Business

James Breese

Business, Kettlebells

Micki Pauley

Personal Training, Nutrition, Health

Slade Jones

Strength and Conditioning

David Potach

Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning

Mike Samuels

Strength Training, Powerlifting

Jack Wilson

Mobility & Recovery

Nate Miyaki

Bodybuilding, Nutrition

Chandler Stevens

Natural Movement

Jeff Ford

Endurance Sports, Running, CrossFit

Kristina Goldman

Recipes, Nutrition

Mike Sheridan

Strength and Conditioning

Jeff Taraday


Brooke Thomas

Yoga, Mobility & Recovery, Corrective Exercise

Chris Lofland


Greg Dea

Physical Therapy

Eric Chessen

Special Populations

Mark Bell

Powerlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

Ian King

Strength and Conditioning

Arsy Vartanian

Nutrition, Cooking and Baking

James Jowsey

Strength and Conditioning, Biomechanics, Mobility & Recovery

Michael Blevins

Triathlon, Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Martial Arts

Scott Abramouski

Strength and Conditioning, Bodybuilding, CrossFit

Riley Holland

neuromuscular release

Nichole Rheiner

Food, Nutrition

Lauryn Lax

Nutrition, CrossFit, Occupational Therapy

Janelle Zacherl

Nutrition, Genetics