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How to Recycle and Progress Your Nutrition (Just Like Your Lifting)

Why do we jump into crazy diets? That’s like saying “I want to deadlift, so I’m going to deadlift as heavy as I can every day.”

Why Dieting Is Harmful to Your Health

Diets, while well-intended, are just distractions from the larger issues that lurk beneath the surface. And they are likely making you fatter and less healthy.

4 Nutrition Lessons That Can Benefit Anyone

These lessons will benefit anyone who wants to improve their nutrition, regardless of which diet camp he or she falls into.

5 Easy Ways to Get More Plant-Based Protein

The AHA might recommend eating more animal products to improve heart health, but not everyone feels the same way.

Breakfast Is for Champions: Why Kids Need a Morning Meal

Unfortunately, many people who skip breakfast are those who need it most - young and growing athletes.

Yes! Fast Food Is an Option for Post Workout Recovery

In the short term, inexpensive fast food appears to suffice as a viable glycogen replenishment choice following high-effort training sessions.

Chomps Snack Sticks (Product Review)

These meat-based snack sticks taste better than products like Slim Jims - and without all the frightening ingredients.

The Whole Truth About Soy Lecithin

Since soy’s health claims seem to be unsubstantiated, should we avoid anything that says it contains soy lecithin?

The Distinct and Spicy Benefits of Capsaicin

Do you know the chemistry of capsaicin, its involvement in gene activation and calorie burning, and how it can actually make you feel full?

Is High-Fiber Bread Actually Better?

How does high-fiber bread stack up against regular old wheat bread? A new study aimed to find out.

Paleo BLT Wrap (Recipe)

On a real food plan but longing for a BLT, just like the good old days? Try this healthy and delicious alternative.

Ornithine Reduces Stress and Improves Sleep Quality

Stress and low energy are recipes for ruining a workout. A new study suggests the amino acid ornithine might help.

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