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Walnut Consumption Reduces Oxidative Stress

Not only are walnuts good for general health, but they might also help you recover from workouts faster.

Multivitamins Improve Nutrition and Prevent Disease

Multivitamins have come under fire lately, but new research suggests they may have redeeming qualities.

NOURI Bars (Product Review)

NOURI bars provide nutrition for pre- and post-workout while also helping kids in need.

High-Protein Diet Better for Body Fat and Blood Sugar

Is more protein always better? Does working out make a difference? A unique new study explored these questions.

5 Nutrient-Packed Protein Smoothies of 5 Ingredients Each

These five smoothies will help you recover from workouts and meet your daily nutritional needs.

Carnitine Protects the Body From Intense Exercise

After completing a fourteen-kilometer run, subjects who took carnitine fared much better than those who did not.

Quercetin Affects Arterial Plaque, Immune Response, and Weight Loss

A new study found the flavonol quercetin has several benefits, particularly when combined with exercise.

2 Healthy Dressings That Won't Ruin Your Vegetables

Vegetables just aren't as healthy when you drown them in chemically-filled dressings. Here are two tasty, healthy alternatives.

Re-Wild Your Plate: 3 Easy, Tasty Game Meat Recipes

Wild game meat is high in protein and packed with nutrients. It's also delicious when prepared the right way.

The Pre-Workout Benefits (and Drawbacks) of Carbs vs. Protein

A recent study delved into the pros and cons of high-protein versus high-carb pre-workout meals.

Southwestern Breakfast Frittata (Recipe)

Looking for a healthy, wholesome breakfast to fuel your fast-paced schedule? Try this delicious frittata you can make in advance and enjoy all week.

Recovery and Mood After Exercise: Do Carbs Make a Difference?

High-carb sports drinks might not be the best choice for performance, but how do they affect recovery?

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