What happens when you mix maces, kettlebells and battle rope?
Work on your skills in kettlebell lifts today.
Punishing leg day if you're up for it.
Let's get some challenging core work done today and really feel it at the end.
The first of the workout week is usually among the most challenging.
Heavy lunges kick-off the last set of workouts for the week.
Aggressive, violent, and tough. Smashing tires, and turning muscle into rock.
You are never too advanced for skill work in any realm. Work on ground-to-floor lifts with jumping variations.
Benchmark day and it gets quite "beastly."
First day of the training week and it is time to say Good Mornings and their variations.
Last day of this week's training and you are going to be looking forward to rest day.
Brace yourself or some challenging and uninterrupted weight holds.
A lot of rotational work today and, of course, the mace.
Power cleans and kettlebell cleans will tax your nervous system today and flush out your energy.
It's benchmark day, to the sounds of Mercyful Fate. There's no excuse not to make up your time.
Work to true failure. Amen to that.
A combination of pulling and pushing exercises that finishes off the workout week nicely.