athletic performance

Have you ever noticed problems with balance, lower energy levels, or fatigue during your monthly cycle? New research gives insight on the effects of the menstrual cycle.
Having an optimistic attitude can be essential for an athlete in competition and training. An athlete with optimism will train hard and push through the rough spots.
According to a Harvard professor, your ability to juggle or do the hustle might mean you possess a form of intelligence related to body awareness.
New research in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, examined short sprints with brief recovery on athletic performance and hormonal levels.
New research in the Institute of Training Science and Sport Informatics, examined the effects of popular graduated compression stockings on running performance.
The sport of ultrarunning is becoming more popular today, as athletes search for new ways to challenge themselves in competition and training.
New research is further confirming the positive effects of a meditative breathing practice.
Athletes are becoming more aware of the empirically based data recommending fish oil supplementation for performance, recovery, and health.
A concept as basic as the hand we choose for eating, writing, making contact with our loved ones, is at the heart of extensive empirical research.
Tempo training is an important component of training commonly overlooked by strength and conditioning professionals and athletes.
Researchers and strength and conditioning professionals still debate over the efficacy of a dynamic warm up versus a static warm up. Which one did researchers determine was the best/
Previous research has examined the dynamic relationship between coaches and athletes. New research analyzed the impact coaching behaviors and rapport on an athletes’ perceived levels of anxiety.
New research in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, investigated oral contraceptives on growth hormone responses to sprinting in female athletes.
When we think about embarking on a fitness regime, we may not initially imagine that it could occupy us body, mind, and spirit. But it can.
New research in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport examined training loads and injury rates in professional rugby league players.
Competition pervades our daily lives. We vie for employment, cheer on our kids in the spelling bee, and even try to beat out others for the best concert tickets.
Competition anxiety and stress can be detrimental to athletes in any sport. New research examined the practice of mindfulness meditation on pre-competition stress.