athletic performance

New research in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research examined audience presence and competition on weightlifting performance.
In a previous article we discussed the use of complex training systems as an effective tool to elicit maximal performance gains in athletes.
Programming for a variety of athletes can be a arduous process for strength and conditioning professionals. "Complex training" offers one type of protocol for training.
Fish oil is all the rage these days as a supplement. As a coach, it is one of the few supplements I recommend for all my students.
Intense exercise is often followed by a period of weakness and soreness that can last for days or weeks.
At my gym, CrossFit Los Angeles, we require all of our students keep a workout journal. What's so valuable about keeping a journal? Turns out it can make a difference in your performance.
The sport of wrestling is infamous for its weight-classes and weight-cutting.
Snowboarding has become an exceedingly popular extreme sport in the last 20 years. For most snowboarders, training in the off season and working out in a gym can be an uncommon practice.
Supplements for improving athletic performance and recovery for are a hot topics for research today.
The ergogenic effects of caffeine have been examined many times in recent years. New research in a full literature review confirms further that caffeine intake does enhance human performance.