bodyweight exercises

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Exercise can force you to focus on yourself and be in the present moment, which is an important tool in dealing with loss.
It's time to stop being afraid of that bar over your head.
This 12 week training program is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. It makes you sweat at any level and combines bodyweight, yoga, and kettlebell exercises.
Train the full range of motion to build muscular endurance and strength.
Getting stronger doesn't have to be complicated. Use farmer's carries to increase your strength and improve your yoga practice.
Plyometric exercises are the key to increasing your power, improving your reaction time, and taking your athleticism to the next level.
These lower body workouts don't need any equipment except - you guessed it - your legs.
It doesn't have to be heavy presses versus pistols - the ultimate athlete has both.
The dragon flag is a cool party trick, but it can also help you master the skill of tension and build abdominal strength.