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3 Reasons Exercise Is Good for Breastfeeding Women

Nursing a child places a unique and significant demand on a woman's body, and exercise is the perfect way to meet those demands.

Dear Coach: Does Exercise Affect Milk Supply?

My wife is worried that exercise - especially training with weights - will interfere with breastfeeding. Will exercise decrease her milk supply?

ICAN's Message: You Are Mom Enough

The International Cesarean Awareness Network, or ICAN, provides education and support for women who have had c-sections and want to attempt a natural birth.

Got Choline? Why Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women Need to Eat Eggs

Studies show most people don't get as much choline as they need. This is particularly critical for breastfeeding and expecting moms. Find out why it's important and get a great egg recipe, too.

Women and Bone Health: 4 Ways to Build Stronger Bones

Bone loss may be a normal part of the aging process, but it doesn’t have to cause problems. Prevent accelerated bone loss and related conditions with these four simple steps.

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