cardiovascular fitness

Long, slow, unsexy work may not make you an internet celebrity, but it's essential to your health and athletic development.
No matter what your condition, an understanding of your physical strengths and your weakness is important to your success.
A new study is one of the first to link alcohol consumption with a higher prevalence of sarcopenia in postmenopausal women.
Biggest Loser star, Jillian Michaels, presents video workouts from famous trainers. We take it for a test run.
It is easy to find research that will support, or that can be manipulated to support any ridiculous claim.
Think of metabolic conditioning (metcon) training as teaching your body to burn fat on an hourly basis, and who doesn't want that?
The airbike great for fat loss and it provides a gut check like no other piece of cardio equipment in the gym.
The introduction of a hybrid form of programming can elevate other areas of our physical abilities.
The intensity of the workouts will help you to maintain your overall strength and power, even though the level of perceived exertion will be kept within a safe range.
Understanding that the pressures of college can lead to weight gain and obesity will enable you to take steps to prevent it.
Those looking to increase their immune function and decrease their risk of illness should add regular exercise to their life.
By moving around, you can reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and depression.
Compression and wicking material makes all the difference when training.
Exercise programs help reduce inequalities in physical activity.
Certain parts of the country are more prone to certain causes of death, so choose your lifestyle carefully.
Research suggests that high-intensity workouts might help sedentary adults to stick to a workout routine.
Air pollution can negatively impact pulmonary function, making it harder for blood to reach the lungs, so be careful where you choose to exercise.