chronic pain

Chances are, if your fitness program isn't personalized, you’re going to run into problems either with the lack of results or, worse still, injuries.
While injury and pain can appear to keep us from our goals, when it comes to movement, there are always options.
A better understanding of the natural progression of injuries can help you approach the management of the associated functional loss and pain that may occur.
Some early work by researchers at UCLA shows promising results for mechanoceuticals.
Drugs and surgery aren't your only options if you suffer from chronic jaw pain.
A new method to determine the outcome of lower back pain is 83% accurate at predicting absenteeism rates.
Snake venom sounds ominous enough but can it help your aching joints.
The pelvis is meant to do many things, but leaving you in constant agony isn't one of them.
Knee injury is rarely a knee problem, but rather a hip, knee, ankle problem.
There isn't a magic bullet or yoga pose that will fix your lower back, but there is a method to find what will work for you.
All too often acute pains become chronic, and we start to identify with our pain.
Hitting the road doesn't have to be a grueling experience.