Elite Programming

Triathlon Workout: Cycle 2 (Olympic Distance) - Week 2, Day 7

The second cycle of Triathlon workouts will prepare you for an Olympic distance event.

Yoga Sequences, Cycle 4 - Ready to Sweat Yoga Workouts, Week 5, Day 3

Ready to sweat yoga workouts are rigorous sessions that will have you moving, getting stronger, and sweating with yoga sequences and strength training.

BJJ & MMA Workouts: Cycle 4 (Flexibility) - Week 4, Day 3

This is a one-year program designed for combat athletes. The fourth cycle focuses on flexibility training to improve mobility and enhance performance in the ring.

Mature Athlete: Cycle 8, Week 10, Day 3

Cycle 8 of the Mature Athlete workouts aims to improve strength, endurance, and general fitness. A variety of exercises and exercise prescriptions are used for to achieve these goals.

Mommy Workout: Second Trimester, Cycle 2 - Week 26, Day 3

This cycle of Mommy workouts is designed for moms in the second trimester. It combines bodyweight, kettlebell, and barbell exercises with yoga and mobility work.

Strength and Conditioning: Wil Fleming, Week 1, Day 4

The stronger-than-ever-program is a four week, four day-per-week program that utilizes squatting, Olympic lifting, and bodybuilding movements to get you, literally, stronger than ever. So let's do it!

Strongman: Cycle 4, Week 6, Day 3

The fourth cycle of Strongman workouts is for anyone who wants to get stronger, prepare for a strongman event, or integrate strongman into regular training.

Triathlon Workout: Cycle 2 (Olympic Distance) - Week 2, Day 6

The second cycle of Triathlon workouts will prepare you for an Olympic distance event.

Beginner Workout: Cycle 2, Week 1, Day 3

In the second cycle of the beginner workout you will use kettlebells, free weights, and bodyweight exercises to increase your core stability.

Bodyweight Workout: Cycle 10, Week 4, Day 3

The workouts in Cycle 10 will be twenty minutes or less, with plenty of time to focus on flexibility, agility, and recovery.

Frogman Workouts: Cycle 7, Week 3, Day 2

By following cycle seven of the Frogman workouts, you will continue building speed, strength, and endurance in the water and on land.

Gymnastics Workout: Cycle 3, Week 11, Day 5

Repetition is what makes a gymnast so good at their sport. The third cycle of Gymnastics Workouts focuses on repetitive skill work to help you achieve basic movements.

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