Elite Programming

Beginner Workout: Cycle 4, Week 5

Whether you're a "clean slate," have taken time off, or simply lack training experience, Bret Hamilton's beginner workouts can help you build a base of stability, mobility, balance, and strength.

BJJ & MMA Workouts: Cycle 7 - Week 4

Cycle 7 is a well-rounded strength and conditioning plan for the MMA and BJJ athlete that still allows plenty of time and energy for mat time and skills work.

Bodyweight Workout: Cycle 12, Week 5

This challenging workout is perfect for athletes who want to spend time cultivating real bodyweight strength and skills.

Firefighter Workout: Cycle 2, Week 6

Firefighting requires a unique set of skills and physical abilities. Build the stamina, strength, endurance, and power you need to perform in physically and mentally demanding situations.

Gymnastics Workout: Cycle 6, Week 1

Cycle six of the gymnastics workout program concentrates on upper body and core strength with some unilateral leg exercises worked in.

Mommy and Me Workout: Cycle 1, Week 2

Mommy and me workouts are functional, effective training routines you can do with little ones running around.

Special Forces Workout: Cycle 2, Week 11

Whether you want to join Special Forces or train at this level, this nine-month program uses an intelligent progression incorporating injury-proofing, strength, stamina, and toughness training.

Strength & Conditioning - Chad Vaughn: Week 1

Build your Olympic weightlifting foundation with help from two-time Olympian, nine-time National Champion, multi-time international medalist, and American record holder Chad Vaughn.

Strongman: Cycle 6, Week 10

Whether you are looking for explosive strength, the ability to lift heavy for multiple reps, or to increase your max lifts, strongman is a fun and effective training method.

Swim Workouts: Cycle 2, Week 1

The swimming workouts are designed for those whose swimming skills are bringing the rest of their game down and those that need a low-impact method to build endurance.

Triathlon Workout: Cycle 4 - Week 4

This programming has been designed for the beginner to train for a sprint distance triathlon; however, anyone can use it.

Women's Workout: Cycle 15, Week 4

Cycle 15 of the women's workouts focuses on training for a half marathon.

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