Elite Workout Programs

Beginner Workout: Cycle 3, Week 4

Whether you're a "clean slate," have taken time off, or simply lack training experience, Bret Hamilton's beginner workouts can help you build a base of stability, mobility, balance, and strength.

BJJ & MMA Workouts: Cycle 6 (Phase 1) - Week 3

PHASE 1 is designed to build a good base of work capacity and strength by manipulating volume and intensity in the early off-season, away from important competition.

Bodyweight Workout: Cycle 11, Week 7

Cycle eleven of the bodyweight workout series focuses on developing balance and strength with the use of one-limbed movements.

Firefighter Workout: Cycle 1, Week 5

Firefighting requires a unique set of skills and physical abilities. Build the stamina, strength, endurance, and power you need to perform in physically and mentally demanding situations.

Frogman Workouts: Cycle 8, Week 6

Cycle eight of Frogman workouts helps you push your endurance in the water while handling objects and navigating obstacles.

Gymnastics Workout: Cycle 4, Week 12

Gymnasts have not only amazing strength, but incredible flexibility. The fourth cycle of Breaking Muscle gymnastics workouts increase your strength and flexibility while boosting muscular endurance.

Kettlebell Workout: Cycle 10, Week 9

This cycle of kettlebell workouts focuses on increasing coordination, explosive power, core strength, and overall conditioning while protecting joint mobility.

Mature Athlete: Cycle 9, Week 13

Cycle 9 of the Mature Athlete workouts is a unique 24-week fitness program. Weeks 1-12 focus on winning a Master's swimming event. Weeks 13-24 emphasize winning a 5k run event.

Mommy Workout: Fertility Cycle - Phase 1, Week 1

During this 28-day phase of the Fertility Cycle you will learn to optimize your fertility by adjusting your exercise routine based on where you are in your cycle.

Special Forces Workout: Cycle 1, Week 10

Whether you want to join Special Forces or train at this level, this nine-month program uses an intelligent progression incorporating injury-proofing, strength, stamina, and toughness training.

Sport Specific: In-season Golf - Week 1

Many golfers buy new equipment or get lessons to improve their game, but often the problem isn't lack of skill or bad equipment, but the body’s physical limitations. Let's fix that!

Strength & Conditioning: Dave Whitley, Week 4

Dave Whitley's four-week old-time strongman training program focuses on getting stronger and better through consistent practice instead of just doing more.

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