functional movement

Are there some exercise programs that are inherently dangerous? The following checklist should help you decide.
The problem is, we need to set minimums. We need baselines that we decide are acceptable before we move onto higher and harder training.
It is a well known fact that sitting is detrimental to our health, so finding ways to get out of our chairs is crucial to maintaining long-term fitness.
An intriguing question from a bull rider got me thinking about how to train for adaptability, not just strength.
Stop acute trauma from causing acute injury by identifying and fixing your movement patterns.
In periodization terms, there are only two phases someone could be in - SPP or GPP. Here's what GPP looks like.
Deep down, I believe we all are craving more substance from our fitness.
Make sure you are fully recovered from injuries so you don’t cause more permanent damage.
Corrective exercise is all the rage in fitness today, but how does it best apply to individual programming?
Natural movement can shatter normal gym paradigms and boost your confidence.
Medical professionals see many patients who have been injured due to slipping on ice. Don't be one of them.
Between his book, "Free+Style," and his new seminar, Paoli has a lot to offer athletes.
Focus on alignment issues involving the hips and negate pain in week two of this four part series.
Function relates to one thing only - movement. If you can’t move, you’re dysfunctional.
Something funny happens around age six - we get sent to school. Gone are the days of moving and exploring, replaced instead by sitting and learning. Here's how to reset your body and your movement.