functional strength

Many buzzwords seem to fly around the fitness industry, and "functional" seems to be the most common one.
Using BFR bands can help gain muscle size and strength.
You may come up against a bigger, stronger opponent. You should have the tools to escape, evade, and defend yourself and it starts with a strong body.
Too many limit themselves by a self-fulfilling prophecy about the limits of their own willpower.
What could be more important than mastering yourself so that you can become the person you want to be?
Strength training is still quite new to many older individuals. We need to change that.
You know you will feel better after doing it even if the motivation isn’t there.
What would you do with just a barbell, yourself, and the endless expanse of Arizona desert?
The snatch is a challenging, yet rewarding, lift to master. But, it does take time to learn the proper technique.
Many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purists prioritize technique over strength. Without entering that debate, one fact remains: to be the best grappler you can be, you need to get stronger.
No matter the goal, strength training days should be strategically placed in your workout program.
There are a few universal rules that everyone should follow no matter what your goal.
Here's a good story about someone obsessed with strength training. If you're creative, you can train hard using items around your home.
If you want strong lats and phenomenal core strength, then the front lever is an exercise for you.
By focusing on imbalances, you can correct deficiencies before they become serious or lead to injury.
Paying more attention to your muscles during the eccentric phase of any exercise is a good way to essentially access untapped strength.
There's a whole world of strength and fitness out there that women are just beginning to explore.