Trusting the process means understanding your intention.
Focusing on the small steps that need to be taken on a consistent basis is the key to success.
Find some balance in your life and remember to have fun and don't suffocate the good stuff.
A goog coach should ask questions and listen to feedback in order to guide someone to their best results.
Want a higher peak? Then stop training only at the peak, and start developing your base.
We all have mountains to move in order to grow and because of that we grind hard in the gym and sometimes treat it as therapy.
Imagine what sort of training, if any, takes place with low self-worth, self-defeating thoughts, and fear? Imagine recovery without either.
Increasingly, functional versus nonfunctional training looks like a distinction without a difference.
Make your daily workout more enjoyable by training at the right place, with the right people, and with the right music.
An epic foe stands in the way of your goals and the only way to overcome it is to marshall a greater steward of temperance and to face it head on.
The science is clear on the requirements for physical improvement, so why do so many people fail to do it?
Expediency is never the correct answer when it comes to your health and fitness.
How many times have you found yourself going through the motions during your workouts, not truly working at the edge of your comfort zone, either mentally or physically?
It's far too easy for bad habits to creep in without a plan to keep them extinct.
If you continue down a road or toward some objective because you think you should, it’s time for a serious, introspective chat with yourself.
The more volume you do, the more you grow, but don't outgrow your capacity to recover.