growth mindset

Without self-reflection and understanding of our intentions, we are often pulled to outcomes that don’t serve us
Drop the fantasy, and develop a mindset cooperates with reality and the basic truths that allow you to move toward mastery and achievement of your goals.
If it doesn't challenge you then it won't change you, and change is needed for growth.
Training is about taking the reins and working to be better, not about being a certain way.
You can set yourself up for success by defining what is most important to you in life, and working your butt off by doing whatever it takes to get there.
An undue focus on your short-term fears will guarantee you a lifetime of pain, mediocrity, and suffering.
Facing your own weaknesses can challenge even your most fundamental principles.
Simplicity is useful, but it's no substitute for experience and understanding.
I’m all about habits to drive positive momentum, so why not designate that last 30-60 minutes of your evening to some great books.
Better to shoot at a close target and hit it, than agonize over a far one and never get started.
Unwilling breaks from your routine never feel joyful, but they provide an opportunity to understand who you are outside of your fitness journey.
The reason you keep hitting refresh speaks volumes of the type of athlete you are.
If perception is reality, we would all do well to intentionally sculpt our perception for success.
Effort-based praise can improve an athlete’s performance by creating a growth mindset.