Understanding energy, yin and yang, and how we are all continually chasing balance.
The fourth part in our exercise recovery series will help you elicit that last bit of recovery capacity with active and passive strategies.
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Ladies, creatine can help you improve your health, fitness, recovery, and overall physique.
Like machines, supplements are tools to be used for a greater good and to create the best version of yourself.
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When you are facing menopause, it’s worth knowing a few hacks that will help you cope during this phase.
Avoid becoming dehydrated during a long labor with small sips of either of these drinks.
A team of researchers at Northwestern University have designed a sweat-sensing skin patch that can track exercise and fitness data, but has the unique ability of providing hydration data.
What you eat and drink today will either fuel you or degrade you for your upcoming activities.
You don’t need to drink a lot of water when you heat up but you need to check the temperature.
Invest in your health at the office to be a more productive and creative member of your team.
Homemade lemonade is a refreshing alternative to sugar-filled sports drinks.
Our nation's aging water infrastructure is reason to hydrate with the safest and best-tasting water possible.
A client's battle isn't always physical. Understanding mental and emotional factors can help overcome roadblocks.