kettlebell training

Following this daily plan, you can make tremendous strength and fitness gains while hardly investing any extra time.
There is just something utterly primal and enjoyable about strict pressing a big bell over your head.
Greg Walsh demonstrates an unusual kettlebell progression to diversify to your ground-to-overhead routine.
A look into the School of Strength, and the future of the independent gym and coach.
These two movements will build your upper back and transform your posture like no other.
Assess your form to ensure that your clean, jerk, and snatch are on point.
GPP training keeps you healthy, injury-free, and away from boredom. Tailor a programme to suit your needs with this simple template.
Make the transition from kettlebell exerciser to kettlebell athlete.
Even strong individuals find kettlebell sport lifting painful, frustrating, almost impossible in the beginning. That’s because they lack this one element.
Focus on these movements for the next four to six weeks. Work up to a heavy kettlebell. You can thank me later.
Lauren Brooks has upped her game with another great kettlebell workout DVD.
When you live and breathe a sport, it can be easy to forget that not everyone knows about it. Here's what you need to know about my passion - kettlebell sport.
I truly believe kettlebell sport to be the everyman, or everywoman, sport. Here's why.
Artemis Scantalides is one of nine women in the world to complete the Iron Maiden Challenge. And that's not even the bravest thing she's done.
Try some of these progressions and see your functional strength jump to new heights.
Girevoy Sport has come a long way since the early days of circus strongman performances.
These kettlebells have a nice finish and are high-quality but still affordable.