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No matter what your condition, an understanding of your physical strengths and your weakness is important to your success.
Few feelings are greater than achieving lofty goals despite the disparagement of others.
Chronological age is not the most important criterion by which to determine a senior's training program.
Deborah Robinson took up weightlifting at an age when most people are struggling with physical activity.
Women's Barbell Basics - Improve your strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility and reduce body fat.
Just because you're over 40 doesn't mean you have to give up on your fitness goals.
Here's a simple, safe, and effective plan for starting weightlifting over 40.
We're a pretty badass group of athletes, and if you want the best of us, you need to act like it.
Work comes first, and family is a real responsibility. So how do you get a good workout in a short time frame?
Coaching clients over forty isn't just about teaching technique, but also learning how to communicate with them.
When your muscles are tired, it’s pretty obvious. But when your mind is tired it can be hard to tell.
Traveling across the world has its ups and downs, and my recent trip to Copenhagen was no exception.
At 89 years old, German gymnast Johanna Quaas is far from slowing down. This is one granny who you don't want to mess with!
These were my last few weeks of training before the Worlds Masters Weightlifting Championships.
Is there any case for only concentrating on your strong points? I am going to say, “Yes."
Pat McCarty speaks about CrossFit expansion, Grid development, and masters athlete inclusivity.
My seventy-year-old client is quite special. She is also my mother and longest serving client, having been trained by me for more than twenty years now.
The most important thing to realize is that though you may feel like a young you, your body has other ideas.