mind-body connection

The pelvis rotates as you run, which means it needs to move in a multidimensional way.
How much water should you drink every day? Maybe not eight glasses.
Memento Mori is a tool to overcome challenges in life and find the inspiration to push through any obstacle before you.
Everyone needs training partners, at times, to be honest with them, to pull them, push them, drag them, or pick them up.
It’s a type of intuition that develops, and it frees the mind to turn off its thinking faculty and dissolve into still awareness.
Knowing what your "why" is can be helpful in getting started, but you'll need more if you plan on sustaining your efforts.
Immerse yourself into the work without expecting any immediate outcome.
There is nothing like the strong bond between mothers and that can translate into a positive gym environment that lifts everyone.
The pelvis is meant to do many things, but leaving you in constant agony isn't one of them.
Amazing things happen when you train to obtain the superpowers of beasts.
If you took a video of yourself working out, would it match the image you have in your head?
The more intense your visualisation is, the more effective it will be at improving performance. Here's how to mimic the real-life action.
The mind-body connection is critical for athletic development. How does the coach influence this heightened connection?
Meditation has amazing benefits for your body and mind, especially in our fast-paced society.
Forming the connection between mind and body is more complex than simply whipping out an atlas of the mind.
Pratyahara, or disengagement from the senses, is an aspect of yoga we often forget, but it can bring your practice to the next level.
Detox begins in the mind and keeps those negative thoughts at bay.