It depends. That's the best answer for anyone who wants to know what to do in the gym because fitness has plenty of fads, buzzwords, crazes, and trends that just don't work.
Summer is fast approaching and everyone has goals they want to reach safely and maintain for the long-term.
As your summer heats up, spice up your burger game with these turkey piri piri burgers.
Take a summer food vacation to Greece by combining all of the signature flavors in a tasty, grilled burger!
Make the most of your cycle by learning what works for you while training.
Lighten up your summer eating with this chickpea based vegetarian burger.
Change up your barbequed burger routine with a little something unexpected.
If we don’t use our freedom to impose limitations then we will never be free.
The nutrition world is shrouded in bad advice and distracted by irrelevant arguments. We need to stop looking for quick fixes and start using common sense in our pursuit of better nutrition.
Diet and lifestyle changes can go a long way towards dealing with inflammation, while enabling us to train better overall.
Functional overreaching is essentially short-term overtraining where you have a goal of digging yourself into a recovery ditch. Two weeks—two ball-busting weeks. Get to work and reap the benefits.
In this roundup of nutrition, beets are a superstar for athletes.
You have to take control of your fears.
Easy and economical, this simple soup is a quick and flavorful way to feed your family.
Stews that “stick to the ribs” have a comforting appeal, particularly during the most recent polar vortex.
Modern norms have created devastating global health picture and all signs point to this trend worsening in our youngest generation.
A weightlifter should strive to be in the optimal weight category for their body to be able to perform the best they can.