olympic weightlifting

It's singles to max day. You know you've been waiting for it.
It's a true rest day because you have a big day tomorrow so, respect it.
It's a short week this week because we are going to try and max out.
It's a short week this week because we are going to try and max out.
Halting exercise in weightlifting are a great way developing a feel for where the bar should be in a lift.
Only 54 reps today in total, but we have a feeling you legs feel like it is a lot more.
Power through today before the crunch.
It's only 32 reps in total, but what a 32 reps it is.
The first priority here is to master weightlifting technique.
Learning the Olympic lifts is only possible after the lifter knows the positions at the completion of each movement. This article focuses on three exercises that teach the “feeling” of the bottom.
Weight is important. But speed of movement is an informative index to evaluate efficacy of training.
Hang around for today's workout, it's worth it.
Speed is an essential component of a good lift and speed work dominates today's session.
Press that weight overhead with conviction today and you'll feel like a champion.
You think you're doing a lot of hanging around today but then, it hits you. These lifts make you think.
For those in need of practicing technique without over-fatiguing any particular area or aspect of the body.
Balance is the key word for today's lifting technique exercises.