Parkour is a movement discipline that focuses on the ability to overcome obstacles with speed and grace. It can help you avoid danger, and also make you a better athlete.
What if you treated your surroundings like a playground and ignored the "rules" about how to behave? What would that look like? Find out in this beautiful parkour highlight reel.
Learn about parkour competition, the difference between parkour and free running, and also some suggestions for what the novice looking to try parkour might want to seek out.
To continue my exploration into the sport of parkour, I decided to talk with Tim Koren, a relatively new traceur who was able to help me understand the moves and how it is trained.
Parkour? Par-what? Freerunning? What are people talking about and why are they climbing all over EVERYTHING? Get the lowdown on this awesome sport you can literally do ANYWHERE.
If you haven't seen a Damien Walters videos, you're missing out! This master of gymnastics, trampoline, parkour/freerunning, and stunts has put together some CRAZY tricks!