It's July. Realistically, your northern hemisphere summer beach body dreams are over. You've got to see the bigger picture!
The science is clear on the requirements for physical improvement, so why do so many people fail to do it?
No matter your physical pursuits, hypertrophy should be a main focus at some point for all athletes.
Here's how you can use research to guide your lifting life.
This workout is based around compound movements to work as many muscles as possible in a short amount of time so you can easily fit them into your daily routine.
When it comes to planning your training: adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.
Here's the dirt on clean eating: there are problems with restrictive diets that go beyond bad semantics.
Glutes aren't just for girls.
There's no way your body will let that fat go until it thinks everything is going to be fine.
Applying strongman training in new ways is delivering great physiques and amazing performance.
It's time to stop being afraid of that bar over your head.
Bodybuilding's roots are in strongman training, and there's no reason not to use it still today.
Packing on the muscle doesn't have to be complicated; you just have to be committed.
Image and performance enhancing drug (IPED) users are not athletes or competitive bodybuilders but casual users.
Training for a figure competition can be a maze of unhealthy behaviors, but I'm trying a different plan.
This style of training worked well for a bikini competitor and a baby boomer. Go figure.
When handled in a healthy way, contest prep will teach you about yourself, your true abilities, and your real strength.