Most people aren't chasing the specific goals that all the programs you find online were written for. Instead, they want a balance of physical ability and improvement to enhance their lives.
Coaches can be great, or they can be a waste of a whole lot of money. What knows you better than you?
If you're embarrassed to wear shorts to the gym, it's time to do something about it.
Pushing your mental and physical limit is the only way to realize your greatest potential.
Chasing the latest fitness trend may not be the best or safest way to reach optimal health.
The Open can be an opportunity to generate excitement for your members - as long as you don't let it hijack your programming.
The game has gotten stronger and faster. Have you?
If you want to reshape your physique into that of a Greek statue with performance to match, this plan is for you.
You can't get the most out of your program if your body isn't ready for each phase of the workout.
High or minimal volume: What's best practice?
Borrowing from a world rooted in dysfunction is not an appropriate way to improve people who aren't broken.
Simplicity isn't sexy, but it's the only "weird trick" you need to know.
Exercise with intelligence and efficiency, and the gains will come.
Find the right balance of variables to make this winter's training your most productive yet.
Packing on the muscle doesn't have to be complicated; you just have to be committed.
If you aren't hitting the weights while you rack up the miles, you're setting yourself up for injury and reduced performance.
Create a constant environment of challenge to instill mental and physical toughness and tenacity.