pull up

The first step to creating empowered women is never to tell them they can't.
Smart programming, exercise selection, and execution can go a long way to reducing the risk of injury.
These exercises are for everybody who is ready for a unique physical challenge.
Programs to increase your pull ups are everywhere, but what do you do if you can't do one yet?
All-out effort is the secret ingredient to making the most of a 15-minute session.
Follow these exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles and get your first pull-up in no time.
I coach over 500 athletes in 21 sports, and they all do these six movements at least once a week.
Improving at pull ups is exciting regardless of your level. This approach is simple, but effective.
Like any form of physical activity, yoga has a few blind spots when it comes to functional movements - including pulling.
I have seen thousands of fit people who train often but still fail fitness tests because they did not get specific in their training.
From the Kevin Ogar accident to Grid, 2014 has been an eventful year for the CrossFit community.
Do you know why you're following the training program you are? Do you know what the why behind every exercise you're doing?
Let's explore the chin up in depth and how it activates our muscles, as well as how it differs from the pull up.
This week, Al demonstrates four progressions for the pull up, along with some more advanced variations.
Truth be told, I shed a tear every time I witness a band-assisted, short range-of-motion pull up.
Ever used vertical pull up bars? Try them as a unique and interesting alternative to gymnastic rings.