rest and recovery

Please go easy, slow, and don’t kick your ass for letting it all go and having to start again.
Amanda Thebe, a force of nature in women's health and coaching, as well as a serious fitness enthusiast in her own right, talks about her long-term symptoms from Covid-19.
Keep active and take this opportunity to rest and recover, take up a new hobby, and let your passion re-ignite.
Consume more protein, especially if you’re trying to increase lean mass and strength gains.
Thankfully, there is a method to the proverbial madness of training.
What can you do to make the commitment to yourself and muster up the discipline necessary to accomplish your goals?
Working way too hard is as detrimental as not working hard enough.
Don’t skip the gym and don’t fix what isn't broken.
Put these five principles in place and you’ll have a much easier time sticking to your nutrition plan.
Use actual intensity, relative intensity, and perceived intensity to dial in your weight training.
Whether you are competing or working towards specific goals, you will always have a time that falls outside of your normal training cycles.
Are you treating your accessory work like carnivores treat their vegetables? As an afterthought to the main steak event?
You change as you lift over time and you change as you age. There's no template for life.
Your training is only a small part of your overall fitness and health program.
It’s easy to get carried away by emotion and let it control you instead of using the energy of it toward a singular effort.
For optimal health we need to go to a deeper level that encompasses so much more than just macros.
Both new and old scars can affect your movement and mobility in everyday life, during sports, or in workouts.