self improvement

I’m all about habits to drive positive momentum, so why not designate that last 30-60 minutes of your evening to some great books.
This book is for anyone seeking to pursue less to achieve more.
The knowledge that your time is limited must act as a catalyst to live each day more fully, and there are concrete habits that can help you do it.
If optimizing each student's’ unique experience sounds like a lot of work, it is.
Here's a way to test whether your commitments really come from the heart.
The best coaches are leaders, and the best leaders let their clients be the center of attention.
Are you spending too much time on the distractions of your business?
When you inevitably feel like a fraud, you actually have a golden opportunity.
When you share your knowledge, you get more than you give.
Unfamiliar physical challenges and movement patterns have an extraordinary effect on your brain and body.
Is your training stuck in a rut? Step back and take an honest look at what motivates you to lift.
Through these practice I no longer stress about being perfect. Instead, I love my body for simply existing.
It’s easy to work with a talented athlete, but you need patience and knowledge to teach clients with little talent or possibly even desire.
In order for women (and men) to embrace their bodies, we need to look beyond accepting our physical appearance.
I enjoy reading articles by the Breaking Muscle coaches about their perspective on the Games. From them, three common themes emerge.
Are you a great coach? How do you become a great coach? Time to find out.
If I can get past my ego and realize I am acting based on a past experience. I can question whether that experience has value in the present.