strength and conditioning

In order for hitting a tire with a hammer to be more than novelty, it needs to be performed with power, precision, and fluidity.
Ground-to-overhead choices today are: Full-range high pull, dumbbell power snatch, kettlebell snatch (from floor).
Whether you like it or not, how much money an athlete makes can, and should, change the way you train them.
It's a challenge because it is challenging. Today's workout may be short but it is intense.
Work as long as possible today. That's all that's demanded of you.
Push yourself today and to maintain form choose the right weight.
Proper exercise progressions are essential for preventing sports injuries.
You're going to spend a lot of your day today in the air.
Nothing like the bench to kick off the week.
You could say that today's workout is in the bag.
A sustained bout of energy pushes you through the program today but you get some nice neck and shoulder release to finish it all off.
A lot of tension going around today. Stay solid.
A 1-2 combo is followed by a moment of deep tranquility.
Friday's are benchmark days, 6 minutes to test yourself.
TGUs. Turkish get ups. Lots of them. It's a hard start today. You have been warned.
Sometimes, the best program money can buy is the one written by the athlete for themselves.