strength and conditioning

Today's challenge will take you through some twists and turns.
We are going to really explore lunges today and mix it up a little with some more dynamic movements.
As you lock in on the 100 day mark, you should be feeling the beast within. It's a good day to unleash that power.
One day, whether by happenchance or some fluke of life, your training comes to a screeching halt. What now?
This is one of those workouts that involves a bit of smash and grab, all for a good cause.
Research shows that many lifters simply aren't selecting high enough loads to make progress.
We're about a third of our way through this challenge, but Michael is only a one fifth of the way through 100 consecutive 20-mile runs.
We have a squat complex that is going to challenge you in some interesting ways, and that's not all the squatting that you're going to do.
Be prepared for some of heavy breathing of the exhausted kind with kettlebells and burpees competing to take you down.
End of the week, and it doesn't get any easier. Rest day is going to be a great day.
Death by pull ups. That's your lead for today.
It's a benchmark day today, to the sound of Suicide Tendencies.
Time and age grant a more objective perspective on how you trained when you were young.
Working on positional and mechanical improvements in single and double kettlebell lifts.
Training should be rewarding and frustrating, satisfying and discouraging. It should be fun and miserable, comfortable and uncomfortable, both confusing and crystal-clear.
A kettlebell dominant day of work followed by some restorative movement for the back.