Subversive Fitness

You'll have to really power through the workouts for today.
It's a great day for overhead movements.
Power and endurance combine for a mixed bag of subversion.
Goals today are fluid hand-to-hand transitions, smooth receipt of the kettlebell into the rack position, and heavy single kettlebell movement.
This is a sprint, not a jog.
Hustle in the transitions, limit rest and manage breathing.
We like slam ball. It's energizing but also a kind of therapy. Get's your mind to unload all that crap and channel it in a positive way.
Looks like a big day for squats. You have been warned.
It's game day which means pushing yourself that much harder.
We haven't seen a bench press in a while, but it's here and a chance to work with a partner, too.
Some heavy duty kettlebell work today will get you primed for the end of the week.
Nice to see the front squat taking precedence today.
Sometimes burpees just sneak up on you and when they do there's no escaping them.
Lead off with some heavy deadlifts and the rest will be just that tad more challenging.
That trunk of yours is going to feel it today.
Focus on mechanics, execution, and timing, and smash things like you mean it.
Remember to address details, stay in-position, and earn your chosen weight today.