Twelve reader favorites from the past week and from the archives, curated to save you time and bring you happiness.
Dr. Perry Nickelston dropped by our podcast to chat about common athletic injuries, anatomy, and the importance of individual movement assessment.
Don't stress if your strength has stalled - these techniques will help you make gains like a novice again.
Having a healthy relationship between your training on and off the mat will keep you strong.
Finding a good coach, organizing your training volume, and periodically assessing your results will help you keep your progress rolling.
Vacations and holidays are a well-earned career perk, but don't let time off get in the way of staying fit.
Try these nutritional strategies to keep yourself in check when pushing the limits in your training.
Follow this guide to help you tell the difference between a pro and a phony.
Getting the best results isn't about going to the extreme.
Having a dream is one thing, but are you ready to put in the work it takes to compete at an elite level in CrossFit?
Strength training veteran Charles Staley is here to answer our readers' questions about life and lifting.
Bodyweight exercise is a deceptively complex form of training that is perfect for safely making big gains.
Take charge of your RPE to push your training to the next level.
The blue belt is often the longest, most challenging, yet most rewarding rank in your BJJ career.
A study of three average CrossFitters revels the mental and physical toll of training for the CrossFit Open.
You can learn anything in the world at the click of a mouse, but weightlifting should not be one of those things.
Pushing your mental and physical limit is the only way to realize your greatest potential.
The mark of a good trainer isn't the ability to work with an athlete, but rather with the Average Joe.