4 Tips for Visiting a CrossFit Gym While Traveling

Think of visiting a CrossFit box like visiting your significant other’s family for the first time. With a little planning and effort, you’ll be a welcome visitor and not a holiday hassle.

9 Articles to Help You Hang Onto Your Health Through the Holidays

Here are nine articles to help you maintain your health, your sanity, and your waistline over the holiday season.

How to Stay Plant-Based and Survive the Holidays

Holiday stress can lead to overeating and bad food choices. How are we to navigate this time of the year and keep a healthy, plant-based diet? I’ve got five tips to increase your chance of survival.

Improvised Fitness: For When You Find Yourself in the Boonies With No Equipment

Consistency is important in training, but having to travel can throw a frustrating wrench in your routine. Here are five calisthenic workouts I created for my recent trip to the middle of nowhere.

Yoga for Jetlagged and Weary Travelers

August is the month when many of us take holidays, which means potentially a lot of flying and dealing with time changes. Here are five yoga poses to help you make a healthy adjustment.

What to Pack and How to Train While Traveling

You don't have to lose ground with your fitness while you travel, but you do need to train smart - and pack smart too. Here's what I pack.

4 Killer Workouts for While You're on Holiday or Vacation

Here are four workouts you can do, despite having only a hotel gym or no equipment at all. They're a little different, but you might surprise yourself.

Time to Schedule Your Summer Yoga Festival Vacation

Summer means vacation, and vacation for me means attending yoga festivals! Here's some of the big ones I'm putting on my calendar. Which ones are you attending?

How to Train, Travel, and Relax During the Holidays

It's the holiday season and for many people that means three things: lots of traveling, training on the road, and (hopefully) relaxation. Here are 7 articles to help you make the most of your holiday.

Healthy Travel Tips, Part 2: Hotel and Lodging

One of the major stresses at holidays is travel. Here are tips for how to keep yourself healthy whether you're staying with friends and family or you're staying at a hotel.

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane, or a Train, or a Boat: 3 Benefits of Traveling for Sports

Many of us travel for competition, as athletes and/or spectators. Have you ever thought about why it's good to do this? I have and I came up with 3 important reasons to travel to sports competitions.

Healthy Travel Tips, Part 1: Car & Plane Travel

It's that time of year when a lot of us are traveling. How do you stay healthy? Here are my tips for staying vibrant, healthy, and enjoying the holidays whether it be by car or plane.

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