Ice water baths aren't effective at improving most markers of recovery.
Keep up with your exercise and diet efforts, and there will be a lot less weight to lose.
A few minutes of Tai Chi or yoga per day can go a long way toward restoring you to full, pain-free health.
Yoga has become the new "in" workout, and for good reason.
The practice of yoga in care homes, when both staff and children are involved, can lead to both individual and social benefits.
If everyone took steps to fight obesity by eating, drinking, exercising, and living right, the number of preventable deaths would drop significantly.
Shock absorbers built into the sole of your shoes may not be doing you any good.
Some studies indicate that drinking is good for you, while others point to the damage caused by drinking, so what is the truth?
Bullying is known to contribute to mental, emotional, and behavioral problems, and now it turns out that it can also be responsible for serious physical problems as well.
Exercise programs help reduce inequalities in physical activity.
The way your child starts the day can have a huge impact on their overall health.
Certain parts of the country are more prone to certain causes of death, so choose your lifestyle carefully.
You can listen to music, but most other cell phone activities have physical repercussions.
Research suggests that high-intensity workouts might help sedentary adults to stick to a workout routine.
Clinicians may want to encourage families to set limits for both television and other screen devices.
Save your health and skip the sugar.
Studies say that yoga intervention can help minimize depression.