Bullying is known to contribute to mental, emotional, and behavioral problems, and now it turns out that it can also be responsible for serious physical problems as well.
Exercise programs help reduce inequalities in physical activity.
The way your child starts the day can have a huge impact on their overall health.
Certain parts of the country are more prone to certain causes of death, so choose your lifestyle carefully.
You can listen to music, but most other cell phone activities have physical repercussions.
Research suggests that high-intensity workouts might help sedentary adults to stick to a workout routine.
Clinicians may want to encourage families to set limits for both television and other screen devices.
Save your health and skip the sugar.
Studies say that yoga intervention can help minimize depression.
Eating a handful of nuts a day may just be what you need to live a longer life.
People who taste bitter flavors more intensely tend to enjoy the flavor of salt more intensely as well.
Air pollution can negatively impact pulmonary function, making it harder for blood to reach the lungs, so be careful where you choose to exercise.
Many mental health disorders have been found to be associated with abnormalities in heart function and blood pressure.
Consumption of sugar has long been condemned, however the alternatives of “calorie-free” natural and artificial sweeteners, have also been a major source of concern.
Through honey bee brood, we may be able to find a new way to feed ourselves when the human population grows out of control.
College-level athletes should be in the prime of their lives and in peak physical condition, yet football season strains and ages their hearts.
Overall, American children have begun to eat more healthy foods, and are taking steps to avoid empty calories.