An Unlimited Number of Strength Training Workouts

Using a combination of the variables within this matrix chart offers an unlimited number of potential workouts based on your goals.

Carry On: 2 Kettlebell Loaded Carry Workouts

I came up with two different carry-based kettlebell workouts that are both equally challenging, but for different reasons.

The No-Excuse Workout for Fire, LEO, and Military

In our lines of work, we are often faced with little equipment and little time to spare. This workout can be done fifteen minutes before your shift or during a break.

A Lesson in Force Absorption for Greater Power (Video)

These methods will rapidly accelerate your results, but also teach the body to work more efficiently.

2 New Workouts Start Today! Free Triathlon and BJJ/MMA Programs

If you are an MMA practioner or a triathlete, don't miss out on these new free workouts that start today.

An Advanced Bodyweight Workout (Video)

Take your time on this workout. Aim for five slow, controlled reps of each exercise.

The 3 Best and 3 Worst CrossFit Workouts

Just because one can, doesn’t mean one should. It’s the quickest way to “CrossFitter’s doin CrossFit” immortality.

Free 12-Week Beginner Workout Program - Get Started!

Here are the plan, the goal, and the principles of our new beginner program. Achieving your goals is not only realistic, but guaranteed.

Our New Firefighter Training Program Launches Today!

If you are a firefighter or aspiring to be one, this new training program is for you. Here's what you should know before you begin.

The Incremental (But Intense) Circuit Workout

Why am I promoting this workout? It's simple to understand, easy to implement, and it will work if you work.

Muay Thai Workout: Training for the Art of 8 Limbs

As both a strength coach and muay Thai practitioner, I can tell you that having a solid base of strength in place can result in knockouts in the ring.

A Challenging Sandbag and Kettlebell Workout (Video)

This workout takes you through four tough movements to build a strong foundation for the weeks ahead.

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