A 25 minute flow to help you with active recovery, restoration, and rehabilitation of the shoulder area.
The ability to get up and down from the floor without looking like you're 85 involves a certain amount of hip mobility.
Do you need to spend some more time recovering from your workouts?
A few simple moves on the mat can have you up and moving well again, instead of hobbling around in pain.
There is always more to learn about how to get the most from your mind and body.
If your work has you hunched over a computer all day, here's an easy way to get your back up and moving again.
Neutralize your misalignment before it sticks for good.
These five movements will help you narrow down what flexibility issues are holding back your progress.
Learning alignment for arm balances helps you find alignment in every strength posture, including lifts, and reduces the chance of injury. Here are three fun ones for you to experiment with.
There is more to your time on the mat than going through a few stretching poses.
We're all on the same team. It's time we started acting like it, instead of tearing each other down.
The most important muscle in your body is one you probably have never thought about.
This is it, the final day of this program. You have build a great a handstand practice if you made this far and should be proud of yourself.
We are coming to the end of our challenge.
Starting off the last week with some arm building exercise to help support you in your handstand.
Next week is the final week so, yeah, you should be doing some decent handstands right about now.
After some hard work from head to toe, you'll get to recover with an interesting deep hip flow.