Meditation, mindfulness, and stress management are all different things, but they may all produce the same effects.
These simple yoga sequences will support you before, during, and after your travel. Whether you are driving or flying, these sequences with help with digestion, circulation, jet lag, and recovery.
Flexibility is as much about the mind as it is the muscle.
Here's a yoga mat that provides a stable, quality surface for your practice.
Yoga was created in a time when people didn't sit at desks all day, so in order to get the most from your practice, you have to do something to counteract that.
These simple practices will teach you to be aware of the position of your hips and the weight distribution of your feet.
Bikram Choudhury is a cross between Greg Glassman and Donald Trump, and he seems to have a little bit of the Bill Cosby for added spice.
Learn how to breath deeply for health, meditation, and exercise.
When it comes to building better athletes, yoga is the name of the game, even when that game is soccer.
For athletes who don’t already possess a good range of motion, yoga can be a futile endeavour.
Training the clean and deadlift will help you move with more ease in your yoga, and in life.
Building stability in the shoulder girdle has a huge carryover to strengthening our yoga poses.
Support your yoga practice by incorporating ring and bar dips into your training for complete upper body strength.
The core of yoga practice is the ability to support one's bodyweight. These types of isometric holds go beyond just building strength.
Like any form of physical activity, yoga has a few blind spots when it comes to functional movements - including pulling.
Stretching is essential to avoid injury and the biceps are no exception to this rule.
It's easy to lose good form if you don't have the upper body strength for repeated chaturanga.