Having a limited range of motion can lead to inefficient lifts, but don't fret - there is always a fix.
Focus on alignment issues involving the hips and negate pain in week two of this four part series.
These four mobility sequences can be used as a warm up, a cool down, or a break from work.
Looking to improve your posture? Week one of this four-part series will help you on your way.
Addressing your neck and shoulders is key to avoiding injury when training.
Fix the alignment of your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles with this corrective exercise.
If your toes are more narrow than the ball of your foot, this sequence will help put things back in proportion.
Elbow pain can stem from shoulder misalignment and this simple excersise can help.
Use Super D's diffusion rod to break up adhesive tissue and increase recovery time while adding strength.
Use this running mobility drill to improve your gait and create a more efficient running stride.
Harness the ancient concept of the kriyavati to bring new energy to your mat.
Get your body moving and beat travel boredom with this fast yoga flow that can be done anywhere.
Try one or all of these simple exercises to alleviate tension from your neck to your hips.
If your feet hurt in your new minimalist shoes, lack of preparation may be to blame.
This exercise is ideal for someone who spends a lot of time sitting and has tight hips and low back.
Relearn how to stand properly for a deep-rooted positive impact on the spine and joints.
Some basic muscular awareness can help you avoid potential imbalances created by yoga and running.