youth development

How parents of prodigies raised their kids is a poor example of what you should do with your star athlete kid.
With growing evidence of the effects of early brain trauma, letting your kid play tackle football deserves a closer look.
If you want to raise a child who does not fall victim to our society's disconnect between health and fulfillment, you will have to do things differently.
A qualitative approach to a physical education system will rewire our selfish, shortsighted cultural patterns.
Physical literacy will cure what ails our society, and it must be taught in schools like every other core competency.
There isn't a summer conditioning program better than a summer spent at the playground.
How physically prepared is your kid to play in a season that doesn't end for ten or more years?
Inspired human development is sustained by the intentional creation and nurturing of actionable values.
Growing older doesn't make you immune to body issues and eating disorders.
Your children are at a much greater risk of obesity now more than ever.
If you are going to put your kids in youth sports, the $200 sign-up fee is just the beginning.
The practice of yoga in care homes, when both staff and children are involved, can lead to both individual and social benefits.
Bullying is known to contribute to mental, emotional, and behavioral problems, and now it turns out that it can also be responsible for serious physical problems as well.
The way your child starts the day can have a huge impact on their overall health.
Clinicians may want to encourage families to set limits for both television and other screen devices.
Eating right may be the key to preventing impaired cognitive development.
The best gift you can give any athlete is a solid foundation.