Amanda Thebe
Personal Training

Amanda Thebe is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and DVRT Master Instructor for Ultimate Sandbag Training. Amanda has always been active, starting Wado Kai karate at the age of 11, eventually attaining a dan grade in her teenage years. This planted the seed for her fitness journey and after spending years in the corporate environment, she decided to follow her passion and become a fitness professional 20+ years ago. She studied for her personal training certification at Loughborough University, which is known worldwide for advancing research and knowledge in sport science, physical education, health, and wellbeing.


She continually strives to remain educated with evidence-based learning in the field of strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, and personal development. Being promoted to one of only three DVRT Master Trainers for Ultimate Sandbag Training in Canada, she believes that by adopting these forward-thinking systems, she is delivering the best possible information and teachings to her clients.


“With the right program and coaching I can help you fulfill your own fitness goals, whatever your circumstances or stage of life.”