Amanda Thebe


Amanda Thebe
Personal Training

Amanda Thebe is a force of nature for women who are experiencing

menopause hell and want to start feeling healthy anf fit in their 40s and



Through her very frank articles, hilarious social media posts and

inspirational and entertaining talks, she’s here to help you find the

tools to have more energy and zest for life, while making you laugh like

a 20 year old throughout the process.


Her exercise workouts and fitness tips have been featured in Breaking

Muscle, Girls Gone Strong and Ultimate Sandbag Training. Her

adoring fans and clients have called her a ‘resilient bitch’ and ‘an

unstoppable inspiration’, with one woman naming her “the over 40

guru to watch in 2017.”


And when she’s not fitnessing, you can find her socializing with her

family and friends and the occasional Netflix binge session with the

hubby. She’s pretty ordinary really!


You can work with Amanda directly and start transforming your life at 40 by joining her on Fit & Chips.