Cara Kobernik


Cara Kobernik
Section Editor
United States, Oregon, Roseburg

Cara discovered her passion for fitness about five years ago. Distance running became an outlet for her and she found the distance that she loved, the half-marathon. Due to an injury, Cara had to cease distance running and discovered CrossFit in the meantime, about three years ago. CrossFit Roseburg, in Roseburg, Oregon, became her new focus and she quickly developed a love of the movements, workouts, and community that CrossFit has become famous for.


As a college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Discourse, Cara admits she never thought she would translate her degree into an actual writing career. During college, she was the News and Features Editor for the college paper and gained a certain appreciation for reporting and interviewing. In October 2014, Cara earned her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer designation but is constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow as a person, writer and fitness hobbyist. A freelance writer, Cara has had the opportunity to interview many NW CrossFit Games and Regionals athletes for write-ups for CrossFit Games fans.


Cara has published work in Halloween Magazine in the form of recipes and enjoys cooking and testing new tastes on her husband, Jeff, and daughter, Olivia. Occasionally, her two bird dogs, Georgia and Maizie, get to sample her cooking as tidbits often fall from the counter as she works.