Colm O'Reilly


Colm O'Reilly
Olympic Weightlifting

Colm has been coaching in one form or another since he was sixteen. First karate, then mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu. In 2007, he tried his first CrossFit workout, "Cindy," in a hotel gym and was instantly hooked. Within months he was booking CrossFit holidays and flying to the USA to attend his Level 1. He soon opened Ireland's first CrossFit affiliate.


Colm has coached as part of Team Outlaw at the 2012 and 2013 CrossFit Games and at the 2013 and 2014 American Open. Not being particularly fit or athletic, he has invested much of his time trying to hack the sport, finding the areas that deliver the best payoff for the athlete. As a result, he's very methodical in his approach to the game and is a huge nerd for stats.


You can check out his ramblings on the sport of CrossFit, cheesecake, and everything in between on his blog, Cheesecake and Barbells.