Dr. Ribu Thomas


Dr. Ribu Thomas
Physical Therapist
Injury rehabilitation
Physical Therapy

Ribu Thomas is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and graduate of the University of the Incarnate Word School of Physical Therapy in San Antonio, Texas. He has been surrounded by sports, rehabilitation, and optimizing performance his whole life.


Prior to becoming a therapist, he suffered a series of knee injuries. After several eye-opening sessions of successful rehabilitation, he pursued a PT Doctoral degree, where he became obsessed with decreasing injury risk for other athletes. He also developed a passion for helping those who are injured return to a higher level of performance.


He trained under Fellows of Manual Physical Therapy, where he developed a unique skill set and successfully implemented this approach over his career. He has recently opened up his own clinic in San Antonio, called Omega Sports and Recovery. This clinic represents an innovative approach to therapy by being the first cash-based practice in San Antonio.


The main focus of his clinic is to optimize human performance and movement, improve daily life, and help put an end to chronic and acute pain. Thomas is obsessed with the world of evidence-based medicine, and learning from those around him. He believes that it is important to become the best version of yourself, but even more important to pass on what he has learned to others.