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Helena Wu
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When Helena was seven years old, she already demonstrated the inherent stubbornness and drive for continual self-improvement that would help her throughout the rest of her years. Every day during second grade, she came home and complained to her parents about the lack of challenges she found at school. So the strange and wonderful forces of the universe - or maybe just her parents working behind the scenes - swept her out of the second grade classroom before the year was over and into the third grade. She was inspired and humbled by the blessing, and it solidified her love of learning.


As an athlete, though, Helena did not have such early experience. She took recreational tennis lessons from first grade through the end of middle school. But she had great reason to be scared of the mile-run test in gym class, which required a walking break for her the first time around. With the yearning to crush the mile run, in order to earn the Presidential Fitness Award, came the beginning of Helena's avid and first serious exploration into fitness. She started running every day and improved her mile time by a minute and a half, on her own. But that was just the start.


Since then, Helena has exposed herself to innumerable ideas on health, fitness, athleticism, and lifestyle through blog reading and training under the expert guidance of the team at Complete Human Performance. Her goals now are simply to become the best "primal" athlete she can be and become a master of human movement. She appreciates CrossFit's athletic paragon, the sprinter-gymnast-weightlifter, and although she currently is just a sprinter in track and field at her high school, she hopes to participate - well - in all three sports in her future, and hopefully many, many more.