Jen Weir


Jen Weir
Women's Fitness
Strength and Conditioning

Born and raised in Montana, Jen has always enjoyed an active, outdoor lifestyle. She earned a degree in Exercise Science from Montana State University and is currently a certified strength and conditioning specialist. She also holds a personal trainer certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.


While Jen believes everyone deserves to be fit and healthy, her primary focus is on women throughout every stage of life. It’s Jen’s personal mission to get every woman in “fighting shape,” whether it be fighting through tasks of everyday life, fighting off a would-be assailant, or fighting to get two uncooperative forty-pound toddlers in the grocery store without a cart.


Jen is a proud military wife and a mother to three children, who happen to be the cutest kids ever. That’s not biasness, but rather scientific fact. Her husband isn’t bad-looking either. In her “free” time, Jen enjoys working out, not only for physical health but also mental, hiking, skiing, show shoeing, hunting, baking, competing in road/trail races, horseback riding, doing yard work, and trying her hand as an amateur photographer. Follow Jen on her Facebook page, Front Range Fitness.