Jesse Irizarry


Jesse Irizarry
Strength and Conditioning
Strength Training

Jesse Irizarry is a former Division 1 strength and conditioning coach. He worked as the head strength coach for three conference-champion teams for multiple years. Jesse was also an assistant strength and conditioning coach to the Liberty University Football team during multiple Division 1 FCS conference championships.


Since leaving college strength and conditioning and moving to the private sector, Jesse has created and developed multiple competitive strength programs and clubs for both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting in New York City.


He is owner and head coach at JDI Barbell, one of New York City's only dedicated strength facilities specializing in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and general strength and conditioning.


Jesse competes in the sport of Olympic weightlifting and he was also formerly a competitive powerlifter. He has been featured in main strength and fitness publications. You can read more from him at his website.