Lauryn Lax
Occupational Therapy

Dr. Lauryn Lax is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Nutrition Therapist, Certified Fitness Professional, CrossFit Level I Coach, and health and fitness journalist based in Austin, Texas. She is the founder of her practice, THRIVE Wellness & Recovery, and is passionate about bringing preventative healthcare to society through lifestyle redesign, real-foods nutrition, functional movement, and mindset coaching.


After being diagnosed with anorexia nervosa when she was ten-years old and struggling for nearly fourteen years, Lauryn realized she needed to make big lifestyle changes in order to end her suffering. She began eating real, nutrient-dense whole foods; broke up with her Stairmaster and found CrossFit; learned how to channel her strong mindset in a positive way; started a blog, and, later her, private practice, to help others suffering from eating disorders and disordered eating, body image, weight management, stress, anxiety, over-exercise, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases, allergies - and more! (anything preventing you from living your best life now).


With her skills and passions for whole-foods nutrition, functional fitness, cooking delicious dishes, guiding others to learn how to accept themselves, and her love for journalism, she’s become a source of hope for others struggling with all sorts of life challenges. She started her brand THRIVE with the mission that, "You were meant to do more than just survive in this life; you were meant to thrive."


When she’s not working on changing the world, she’s enjoying the great outdoors, reading, writing, volunteering, or knocking out some kipping pull ups and handstand push ups in the gym.