Sam Winston


Sam Winston
Endurance Sports
Strength and Conditioning

Sam Winston has been involved in sports either competing or coaching his entire life. He is a student, mentor, and competitor, helping a variety of clients and athletes realize their strength. He is currently working towards a Master’s degree in exercise science and is pursuing professional status as a triathlete.


As a former Division I track and field sprinter, he was coached by some of the best in the business. When he began coaching alongside them, he received the tutelage of more than thirty years of Olympic, professional, and elite experience. He learned how to be and how to make top-tier athletes.


His purpose is to help people achieve their optimal personal performance by developing a strong mind, strong spirit, and strong body. Sam lives and breathes his profession, and when he is not with clients or training, he is working to grow the strength and performance community by writing, studying, and shooting the breeze with his peers developing new ideas and routines.