Sharon Gam


Sharon Gam
United States, Florida, Lake Mary
Strength and Conditioning

Sharon Gam, PhD, is an exercise physiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and owner of Dr. Gam’s Fitness Academy LLC, a personal training company based in Orlando, Florida. She published her doctoral research studies in international sports science journals and worked as a personal trainer, sports scientist, corporate wellness coordinator, and educator at various points in her career. 


Sharon believes that exercise is a set of physical and mental skills, and that effective training should be based on developing those skills. She works with her clients to discover their ideal training program based on their goals, physiology, biomechanics, and lifestyle. She teaches the value of progress tracking, so that her clients can continually adjust and optimize their workouts, and focuses heavily on education to encourage clients to take an active role in their training. She also provides science-backed fitness information on her website to cut through the confusion and misinformation that plagues the fitness industry, and which makes it difficult for the average person to improve their health. Her passion is teaching people how to use exercise to transform their lives.