Guest Contributor

Summer Innanen, creator of Haute Life, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified BioSignature Practitioner based in Toronto, Canada. Having worked ten years in a corporate environment, she became involved in fitness and nutrition in 2007 after her own “nutrition awakening” and launched Haute Life in 2010. Haute Life programs include individual and group nutrition consulting, seminars, health challenges, food demonstrations, and corporate wellness events. Summer is also a CrossFit coach, personal trainer and the on-site nutritionist at Quantum CrossFit in midtown Toronto, a world-class training center that works with all ages and backgrounds.


Summer is known for her ability to combine compassion, a wealth of nutrition knowledge, humor, and sass into all of her Haute Life services and events. Summer’s blog, the haute blog, is where she shares her, often brutally honest and hilarious, perspective on health and nutrition, while providing sound and actionable advice to her readers. She recently launched two e-books including the “Haute Life Guide to Nutrition” and “4-Week Haute-Ass Meal Plan & Recipe Guide.”


She also loves to cook and share her creations on her blog, as well as at dinner party events in Toronto. Most recently, you can see her on Barrie/Orillia Roger’s TV as the Nutrition Expert on the weekday show “Better Living Through Yoga” cooking up easy and healthy recipes.